Forty years ago Gordon Alford was on holiday when he decided to ask some famous footballers for their autographs.

(1 _____) He has thirteen specially-made albums for them. Most of his autographs are from famous actors, musicians and sportsmen and women.

Gordon often leaves the house before seven in the morning to go and stand outside radio and television stations. He waits to catch anyone famous coming in or going out.

(2 _____) 'I go two hours before the show begins and wait outside the stage door where the actors go in.' He also returns when the show has finished and waits for them to come out, or finds out which hotel they are staying at and waits there.

(3 _____) For example, an autograph from any of The Beatles (a very famous rock 'n' roll group in the 1960s) is worth £1,500.

The highest priceanyone has paid lot an autograph is $ 1,320,000, which was for President Abraham Lincoln's signature. And the autograph that every collector would love to have is the signature of William Shakespeare, the famous English writer who died in 1616. A collector could pay more than two million pounds for his signature. (From You)

3 Read the article in activity 2 again and finish the following sentences.

A Gordon Alford got his first autograph _____________________.

B He collects the autographs of ___________________________.

C He now has __________________________________ autographs.

4 Read the article again and answer these questions.

1 Where does Gordon spend most evenings?

2 Where does Gordon go so early in the morning?

3 Does he spend all evening outside theatres?

4 Apart from theatres, radio and television stations what other places does he go to?

5 How much money could a collector pay for William Shakespeare’s signature?

6 What is the most money that anyone has paid for an autograph?

7 Whose autograph was it?